Village & Parish Magazines

Indemnity Insurance
A whole new minefield especially if you feel you ought to have this type of cover, as the premiums can be quite steep, especially if you are only taking it out to safeguard yourselves in the event you become the victim of a libel case for something that you inadvertently printed.

ATE - After The Event
Although this could be a very expensive way of getting legal cover in the event of a claim, you should weigh up the likelyhood of ever needing cover in the first place. We feel sure you are all pretty responsible people and therefore the likelyhood of ever being dragged into a legal battle are very remote. We have taken this stance with regard to paying regular premiums and decided we would continue without an annually renewable policy and in the event that we would ever need to defend ourselves we would use an ATE policy which we could pay off in installments. Hopefully though we will never require to go down this route as we are very careful about what we print, especially in these days of an ever increasing litigious society.