Village & Parish Magazines

ISSN Numbers
Having discovered we needed to submit each isue to the British Library we read on their website that although it isn't a legal requirement they like all publications to carry an ISSN or IBSN number. The ISSN number is for magazines and the like whilst an IBSN is for ordinary books. You can apply for an ISSN number from the British Library and they use this for ease of cataloguing each issue for future reference. If you also publish your magazine as an electronic file for download on the Internet or as we do as a CD for the visually impaired, you will also receive separate ISSN numbers for these. All of these must then appear on every issue of each format.

Bar Coding
Bar Coding of each issue isn't necessary if you never place the magazine on sale at normal retail outlets, but if you do then they should be bar coded for stock control through the retailers till. Further details on bar coding can be found on our download (documentation) pages